Prepare for things to get graphic in the 2(X)IST PRINTS No-Show Brief, part of the all-new collection from the leader in fashion-forward, supreme fitting underwear. 2(X)IST goes for the visual punch with the PRINTS No-Show Brief, offering the low-rising option in fresh, eye-popping patterns. Check out the Americana-inspired Bandana Salsa Red and the Bandana Estate Blue as well as the geometric appeal of ZIGZAG print.

2XIST prints briefs

Engineered in Soft-Fle(X) Cotton, 2(X)IST’s own soft stretch Cotton blend, the PRINTS No-Show Brief feels great against the skin with a supple, molded feel. As for fit, the iconic design details you expect from 2(X)IST are all in for your enjoyment too, including a proportioned silhouette with a No-Show Rise, high-arching leg openings for maximum movement, and a full coverage rear. And integrated into every pair of PRINTS No-Show Briefs is our Original Contour Pouch, providing much-needed male profile support, plus the additional bonus of a curved enhancement.


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