Presented last July in Paris during Salon International de la Lingerie et du Swimwear – Mode City, the collection will be online in the next few weeks. Exclusive sneak preview! SELECTED PHOTOS – Alexander COBB® 2016 Campaign SS Collection! Filmed on undisclosed location in the North Mediterranean – private and exclusive hotel titled one of the 2016 best sea front hotels in Europe.

We invite you to preview the photos and discover the new catalogue. 2016 New collection Alter Ego designed by an award-winning Scandinavian designer, available in the next few weeks.  Perfect combination of materials – cotton and elastin, contemporary cuts and no repetitive samples in limited editions. The new theme Alter Ego features different types of faces on full prints in vivid colors – colors are bright, strong and dynamic!

Don’t forget! Alexander COBB® continues to bring Alexander COBB® signature fragrance underwear. Unique fragrance found in micro capsules spreads out and intensifies by rubbing and tugging on the fabric, giving a new sensual dimension to your underwear.  Certified not to cause allergic reaction the fragrance stays strong for up to 10 washes.

COBB-campaignSS2016-photo04-underwear COBB-campaignSS2016-photo05-underwear COBB-campaignSS2016-photo01-underwear COBB-campaignSS2016-photo06-underwear0

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