Alexander COBB® men’s underwear is certainly the most preferred choice of male underwear. Of course underwear is a very personal thing but we have to look for comfort, perfect fit and quality of fabric when selecting underwear and that’s exactly what Alexander COBB® men’s underwear provides you with.

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The Alexander COBB® men’s underwear collection comes in a range of body hugging boxers and boy leg cuts in a range of colours and patterns. The European quality waist band of each pair features the unique Alexander COBB® logo and is padded for added comfort. Alexander COBB® is proudly 100% European quality, from concept to the final product. It is a luxurious piece which has a place wardrobe of every contemporary guy from boyish trendsetter to the more confident and sophisticated man. This is a style that will make every guy feel great in his own skin.

AlexanderCOBB-Danon-04 Alexander COBB® men’s underwear can be described as your second skin. The perfect combination of materials and design, the ultimate blend of cotton and elastin in a range contemporary cuts in a number of limited edition prints. Each Alexander COBB® garment carries the signature of the Scandinavian designer who holds is known for his award-winning style and patterns are the patterns are exclusive to his collection, so you will not find them anywhere else.

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The symbol for Alexander COBB® is the Koi – Japanese for carp and homophone for affection or love. Koi represents love and friendship and is synonymous with different elements in the collection – colour, symbols, style and cut. It is also special that Alexander COBB® depicts koi through the art of tattoo – one of the most beautiful, most intriguing, and the boldest tattoos. Metaphorically, we believe the Alexander COBB® range will feel like tattoos, your second skin.

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