Men’s underwear brand Alexander Cobb® is setting new trends in garments industry through its revolutionary underwear products. Recently introduced underwear product by the brand has gained men’s attention around the world, which is driven by creativity perceived its products. Through its high standards of productions, this brand has managed to manufacture special fabric with original tattoos consisted of micro capsules, which are filled with strawberry fragrance. These micro capsules work with skin contact, and produce sweet strawberry fragrance that lasts for approximately 30 washes. Regarding the micro capsules, researchers have declared that there is no side effect or skin infection associated with these micro capsules. Other than sweet and strawberry aroma filled capsules, the fabric used in these underwear products ensure the comfort, smoothing and freshness for consumers.

Fabric used in the range of underwear styles of Alexander Cobb® contains 92 percent cotton and 8 Lycra, which ensure the long lasting underwear life and prevent roughness. These weightless and high quality underwear products also protect the skin from unnecessary humidity.

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