Send in  photos of YOU wearing your Alpha Male Undies products this can be of our own Label AMU or any other label you have bought from us.Put your favourite underwear, swimwear or Athletic wear  and take a shot of yourself wearing it, with or without your face showing.

You know you look sexy in your briefs, Jockstraps, swimwear etc so take a quick snapshot and send it our way.

Send your pictures to  – 

Be creative, trust your inner photographer or just your looks! We are happy to post all the pictures we will receive on this page-section of our blog and our facebook page.

We are delighted to be able to show you some images of Jakub Stefano who was our Sexy featured model #Sexyfeaturedmodel on Wednesday 17th December.

Jakub very kindly showed us a small selection of his underwear collection, that he has gathered together over the years.

So we decided to add  AMU to his collection and here are some of his Images.

Jakub is wearing

Shorts – AMU lightweight Nylon Shorts available in Red and Black

Underwear – AMU Black Mesh Underwear


Thanks to @undiedude for the images below of him wearing his @AMUunderwear.


Thanks to Mr Fit @FitIrishCpl for his photo’s of him wearing his AMU Modal Briefs


Thanks to @Storjocke. for the images below.

See more at:




BQap13HCEAA5c0i.jpg-largeThanks to Mr Fit @FitIrishCpl for his photo of him wearing his Malebasics MBG09 Chevron Jock, and does he wear it well.:-)

BPSV5hcCQAEsjc5.jpg-largeAnother fine day, another chance to wear my Mategear Super Bikinifrom @ALPHAMALEUNDIES


Thanks so much to Jase Dean for this Photo of him showing of his 8 Pack, and of course his AMU Underwear.


Catching the last of today’s rays in the front garden in my #amu from @ALPHAMALEUNDIES

photo copy 4

Thanks to @Justjackjeff for this pic which was posted on twitter. Jack is wearing his AMU Boxers, and what a great job he is doing. We hope to see more of Jack in AMU. 🙂


Here we have model Jase Dean Showing of his AMU underwear.:-) 🙂 .Thanks for the tweeted pic.

AMU underwear fan picture

Thanks to @kjbowe1984 for these two images.

AMU underwear fan picture

Thanks to Duncan James from Blue for this hot image below.


Thanks to Kieran Hayler for the two images below, Kieran who recently married Katie Price is wear Amu white boxer.404695_526021480757319_157549339_b



photo copy 6

photo copy 8

Below image – Impromptu garden shower in Mategear Low Rise Ultra Bikini Swimwear#Mategear from @ALPHAMALEUNDIES





Image below is from the cast of  ‘Up4aMeet’ Matt Evers, Benedict Garrett and Marc Gee- Fitch


Thanks to Rocco Hard @sverxx for this image Below.

Alphamaleundies Fan Page

The very hot Jase Dean doing a great job with his AMU

Alphamaleundies Fan Page


Alphamaleundies Fan Page

The pic below was sent to use by the very hot Benedict GarrettAlphamaleundies Fan Page

One more addition to this section. The friends of our brand @Dennixxx1984 and @kjbowe1984 sent over these pictures. You are both so sexy guys! Thank you for sharing!

Dennixxx1984 and kjbowe1984 in AMU underwearDennixxx1984 and kjbowe1984 in AMU underwearDennixxx1984 and kjbowe1984 in AMU underwearDennixxx1984 and kjbowe1984 in AMU underwear

Dennixxx1984 and kjbowe1984 in AMU underwear


Thanks to Mr Fit@FitIrishCpl for the above pic of him wearing his Modus Vivendi white Zipper Brief


Thanks to Rocco Hard @sverxx for these images Below.
photo copy 29photo copy 28

Pic below is from Trey Turner @treyTurnerx

photo copy 27

This image was taken while in the Air on a flight.

photo copy 26

Pic below is from Trey Turner @treyTurnerx sent us this pic in, was taken before going to the gym

photo copy 25

Thanks to Rocco Hard @sverxx for this image Below. Rocco is a big fan of AMU 🙂


photo copy 30

Thanks to our Friends – @FitIrishCpl for tweeting this pic today.
Sun time in my Mategear swimmers from @ALPHAMALEUNDIES


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