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Sexy model of the day is…

… Ryan Vorster. South African born Ryan started training at the age of 16, but as life would have it, there was not always time for training, and a couple of years were spent working on his career as a … Continue reading

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Get your Malebasics underwear from AlphaMaleUndies

Malebasics provides a great assortment of sexy underwear for men in the world. At AlphaMaleUndies we have a big collection in stock of men’s underwear from this brand including brief, thongs, T-thongs, boxers, low rise underwear, boxer briefs, bikinis among … Continue reading

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Get your new Long Johns from Alphamaleundies

Long johns were first introduced into England in the 17th century, but they did not become popular as sleepwear until the 18th century. They were supposedly called long johns after a famous knife fighter who fought in thermal underwear. They … Continue reading

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New stock from MaleBasics has just arrived!

Nine new items have just came to our stock room from the American brand MaleBasics. Four different styles: briefs, boxer-briefs, trunks and athletic boxers in black, white, turquoise and red. All of these MaleBasics underwear offer comfort, soft fabrics and … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day gift guide

Here is our Valentine’s Day gift guide for 2013. We carefully selected 10 of the products available at Alphamaleundies to help you choose the right gift for your other half. We choose some of the best pairs of underwear in … Continue reading

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Jihaime dos Santos for MaleBasics campaign

Half French and half Brazilian actor and model Jihaime dos Santos was the face of the latest campaign for MaleBasics underwear. The photographer of this shoot is Pablo Chester aided by his assistant, Lou Weinstein. Jihaime shows his patriotism to his … Continue reading

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