Sexy and masculine Jared Newmeyer is posing for the latest campaign of Cellblock 13. The pictures feature the upcoming creations from the brand and the shoot is a work by multitalented Timoteo Ocampo. Check out the picture below and don’t forget to check out what we have in stock already from this brand.

Jared-Newmeyer-for-CellBlock-13-01 Jared-Newmeyer-for-CellBlock-13-02 Jared-Newmeyer-for-CellBlock-13-03 Jared-Newmeyer-for-CellBlock-13-04 Jared-Newmeyer-for-CellBlock-13-05 Jared-Newmeyer-for-CellBlock-13-06 Jared-Newmeyer-for-CellBlock-13-08 Jared-Newmeyer-for-CellBlock-13-10

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