If you are a male fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete who wants to feel like a true Alpha Male, Alpha Male Undies has the answer. Based in Ireland, we distribute a wide range of stylish jockstraps that represent the very latest in fashion and chic design. We sell our men’s underwear across the globe so more men can benefit from our high quality products.

Our excellent collection of jockstraps is specifically designed to match your requirements. On our website you can purchase hot jockstraps in nylon, cotton, mesh, microfiber, silk, low rise, sheer, camo, mesh and see thru. Our chic brands include Modus Vivendi, Timoteo, AMU, Aware and many more. Some of our high quality jockstraps include the Alphamaleundies own brand AMU, which are available in three colours. Our Modus Vivendi Army camo jockstrap in addition to the Gregg Homme Boytoy Jock, which is available to buy in royal, aqua or magenta.

Question is which Jocks would you wear ? A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H OR I

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