Long johns were first introduced into England in the 17th century, but they did not become popular as sleepwear until the 18th century. They were supposedly called long johns after a famous knife fighter who fought in thermal underwear. They were first used as loungewear but then later became popular as sleepwear.

AlphaMaleUndies has to offer a big range of long johns by top brands. The latest additions are these fabulous and very sexy long johns by N2N. They are made with extremely thin, soft cotton (90%) and spandex (10%) for a perfect fit and they feature the brand’s nHANCE pouch. They are available in Orange, Lilac and Blue. These colours come as the latest addition to the stock we already had in Black and White long johns by N2N.

Get yours today from AlphaMaleUndies. We ship worldwide at the best rates!

N2N bodywear long johns

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