We are delighted to have the new WildmanT Swimwear and Underwear collection in store. Here is a small selection of what you will see when you head over and see the full collection.




  • This is a HOT men’s swimsuit!  This suit is for that bold person with no problem showing it off!  The mesh is not completely see-through but as soon as it gets wet…so will others:) The suit becomes very exposing!  Features sleek side pocket (also know as the condom pocket).  Plus it comes with a Free adjustable cock ring!  This is our favorite suit!  Just don’t ask Momma to the beach with you:)

     Get your Wildmant Semi Sheer Mesh Squarecut with Cock Ring from Alpha Male Undies.

    We ship Worldwide at the best rates!


  • €38.00

WT_62M_white1__51501.1410035547.1280.1280 WILDMANT CAPTAIN BIKINI

Super sexy! Super hero! This suit is eye catching and points the arrow right to the good stuff!  Classic strong american colors.  This suit is for anyone who want to feel sexy! Plus it comes with a Free cock ring!

Get your new Wildmant swimwear from Alpha Male Undies now.

We ship worldwide at the best rates !

€37.00 WT_67_red_1__77808.1410036981.1280.1280 WILDMANT TITAN BIKINI WITH COCK RING

Sexy short swim brief!  This eye popping low-rise suit has sleek lines and hot colors!  Plus it comes with a Free Cock Ring!

Get your Wildmant Titian Bikini with Cock ring from Alpha Male Undies.

We ship worldwide at the best rates!

  €39.30 WT_70_pink2__50022-1.1410038628.1280.1280 WILDMANT: STITCH SHORT WITH COCK RING

Our Wildmant Stitch Men’s Underwear is simply sexy.  Subtly bringing attention to all the right areas plus including a Free adjustable cockring, this style is sure to impress you and others!

Get your new Wildmant: Stitch Short With Cock Ring from Alpha Male Undies.

We ship worldwide at the best rates!

€28.90 wt_73_purple__92460.1409230915.1280.1280

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