Sexy Model of the Day is …..

…. Andrew Morrill, 28 years old

Andrew grew up on a ranch in Texas.  So he can ride a horse, shoot a gun and rope things – so I guess that makes him close to a cowboy?  Andrew  came to London four years ago from Hong Kong where he  had lived for three years. He started working as a model in University back in the States to earn extra cash and has been doing it off and on since.  He has found my niche in swimwear, fitness and underwear.

Andrew spends his spare time in the gym  and likes to travel as much as possible.

Thanks to the following Photographers for the below images.We will have Andrew as our Sexy model of The Day again as we have so many more Pics to show you. :-)

Nige Rorbach


ACM_3564-Retouch-477x720 ACM_3577-Retouch-477x720

Alex Wightman

Alex_Wightman_2 Alex_Wightman_1

Claudio Harris

Claudio_Harris_2 Caudio_Harris_1

Steve France

Steve_France_2 Steve_France_1




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