We have selected 4 very sexy style of underwear from Gregg Homme. If you are looking to spice up your underwear collection or looking to impress someone with your undies these will certainly do the trick.


Gregg Homme Cocky Thong

Intoxicatingly sexy, the COCKY thong by Gregg Homme is an asymmetric undergarment made from a super-stretch poly micro fabric, featuring a center-seamed pouch with dual metal clasps at the right-side hip that go around to the back, becoming a large single strap at the opposite side, with a fully exposed seat. Gregg Homme signature tag logo at front center of a ⅜-inch elastic waistband.

Price €30.00




Gregg Homme Nude jock

Possibly one of the most highly-demanded styles ever, Gregg Homme has finally made all your wishes come true with NUDE. This collection uses an 8-way stretch material to create a glove-like underwear that will fit your every curve, edge and contour. It somehow maintains an elegance while promoting the utmost sexiness. This revolutionary hyperstretch underwear is R-Rated, and Gregg isnt sorry about it!

Price €43.00


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Gregg Homme Tease Thong

The breathtakingly daring new TEASE thong by Gregg Homme is made from a super-stretch semi-sheer polyester fabric featuring a detailed mexican-style skull pattern on a halfway center-seamed pouch incorporating dual elastic straps with metal buckles that detach on the left side, connected to a rear fabric piece and an exposed seat. Gregg Homme crest logo at front center of ¼-inch elastic waistband.

Price €52.00

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Gregg Homme Dare boxer briefs

Feast your eyes on the unique DARE Boxer Brief. The brief utilizes a ultra-fine microfiber fabric and an open slit for your package to seep through and rest on a see-through front pouch. This style features detachable snaps for some fun and foreplay. The 1-inch waistband is signed with the Gregg Logo at the center.

Price €43.00

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