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Fetish wear In store at AlphaMaleUndies

We have put a selection on the top selling Fetish wear from AlphaMaleUndies 665 LEATHER NEOFLEX NEOPRENE HARNESS BLACK/GREEN An update of our already world famous Neo-Skin 4 strap and 5 strap harness. Our new color and design pattern is … Continue reading

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Miami Jock Pleather Collection in Store

MIAMI JOCK GRIPPER THONG BLACK FOR STARTERS, THE MIAMI JOCK GRIPPER THONG HAS AN OPTIONAL FRONT POUCH. This underwear comes completely off with a few button snaps, leaving you buckled in on top and hanging out down below. There are … Continue reading

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Modus Vivendi Cockring Has Returned to Alphamaleundies

Modus Vivendi cock ring Cock ring with (5cm width) cotton elastic band, ending to two stainless rings (6cm diameter). Made in Greece. Available in Red and Silver Price €20.00

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Wildmant Summer 2013 Premier Collection is Now Available!

Wildmant Summer 2013 Premier Collection is Now Available! Amazing new styles and colors to really show off your stuff at the beach, pool or resort! http://www.alphamaleundies.com/brands/Wildmant.html This sexy new line is colorful and classic! Bold colors will attack the attention … Continue reading

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