b40e185fe95a950c48ac24ebdc8e3b5514263e44_170723 VELOURS MYSTIQUE ENG

Sensual luxury, timeless chic, original style are the words that describe well Velours Mystique Collection of L’Homme Invisible for men.

Its super soft mystical flower flock print is made in Italy for L’Homme invisible.

Available in two colours Ghiacco & Bordeaux, i would not waste any time in ordering these as i am sure they will sell out fast.


velours-et-luxure-2-v-boxer-1 velours-mystique-boxer-invisible-ghiaccio-1 velours-mystique-string-ghiaccio-1 velours-mystique-mini-hipster-ghiaccio-1


velours-mystique-v-boxer-bordeaux-1 velours-et-luxure-2-boxer-1 velours-et-luxure-string-striptease-5 velours-mystique-mini-hipster-bordeaux-1

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