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Thanks to @hotequinoxjock for his images of his underwear drawers. What a fantastic collection of Briefs and Jockstraps.
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Thanks @ACMLondon for this pic, great collection.
cause one drawer wasn’t enough.. #undies
photo copy
Thank you Johnny for your underwear Collection pic.These are two of me and my husbands 4 draws of underwear.
My favs are briefs, from AussieBum, ES and Andrew Christian.
And not to forget N2N Bodywear sexy outfits,Send us your underwear collection pics alphamaleundies@gmail.com
Alpha Male Undies Fan x x fav brands are AC Aussie and of course AMU !!Send us your pics and we will get these posted for you.
email alphamaleundies@gmail.com
Here is some N2N pics. from a reader Johnny and his husband  wearing N2N Bodywear.And looking good on hime we have to say. :-) . Thanks for this images Johnny.
Thanks to our reader for sending in his underwear Collection pics.
Laundry Day before i put them away.
His favourite brand looks like XTG. :-)
Thanks to our friends @FitIrishCpl for Mr Fit with his underwear collection.
Mr Fit with his undies collection. Many are from the brilliant @ALPHAMALEUNDIES.



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